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Welcome to Greenwood Tours

Visiting historic Greenwood, BC?
Join us on one of o
ur walking tours through the city

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The Ghosts of Greenwood

Join our guide as you visit some of the most haunted sites in Greenwood.


Learn about the lost souls of this historic BC interior city as you walk the streets of the downtown. 


Tours run most evenings at 7 pm.

Call 778-677-3211 to reserve your space

or book online.

Woman standing in alleyway
Copper Street, Greenwood BC

Looking Back In Time

Join our guide for a stroll through historic Greenwood and discover the essence of this booming BC mining town of 1897.   In addition to the historic buildings and landmarks, watch the characters of this pioneer city come alive through stories of life here in this rugged and vibrant city. 

"History is a mighty drama, enacted upon the theatre of times,

with suns for lamps and eternity for a background.”

-Thomas Carlyle


About Greenwood Tours

historic Greenwood BC street

Incorporated in 1897, Greenwood was a booming mining town, replete with many of BC’s famous and infamous pioneers.


Stroll the streets with our tour guide and take a trip down memory lane. Experience the past grandeur of the buildings and discover the characters that made up this rich and diverse community. History awaits complete with murders, mayhem, and more…

Join our historic character "Lena Macfarlane" - wife of the Superintendent of the Sunset Copper Mine - as she brings with her an entertaining picture of daily life and times of Greenwood in the early 1900s.

"If history were taught in the form of stories it would never be forgotten"

-Rudyard Kipling

Your Guide

Maureen Grant, storyteller and raconteur, portrays Lena.


Maureen is the granddaughter of Lena and John Howard Macfarlane, who arrived in Greenwood in the late 1890s. John was the Superintendent of the Sunset Copper Mine in Greenwood.


Maureen's father and uncle were born here, and several other relatives were a part of Greenwood’s vibrant early days.


Maureen has been exploring her family history here in Greenwood and has many great anecdotes and tall tales to tempt you with as you travel the town together.

woman standing in dark basement in Greenwood BC
woman standing in dark hallway

"We took the tour recently and were singularly impressed with Maureen’s depth of knowledge of the area and the fascinating anecdotes of the people of the times. Well worth booking a tour."

-Cal C, Oliver BC

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